How do job updates work?

How Job Updates Work

Job updates can be posted by either the creator of the job or by job applicants - and they can be used from the pre-sales stage of the project through to completion and payment in order to track progress.

By default, most jobs will require daily updates, but in some cases weekly updates will be more appropriate.  That can be determined on the job listing here:

In the Updates tab, you can see updates that have been posted:

And you can post new updates by clicking Post an update.


Once a project is placed and in progress, project updates should be done on a daily basis (in some cases weekly will be sufficient).  Here's an example of the level of specificity that we're looking for.  The goal is not to waste your time with red tape, but a quick and concise update shouldn't be too much trouble and is something that you're likely already doing.

Not specific enough

We continued with the work today. We did more fixes and i am starting to know the project.

Just rightMore specific

Yes. I worked on the catalog adding to cart system for the custom grouped by color. I added a pseudo parent product so that Fred can get the data in the category view to add the product to cart as need. I added a small part of code refactoring and made some comments there. I looked for a ajax loading system, but there is no ajax. We solved most of the issues.

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