Pricing and payment terms for clients

Commerce Hero Fee

Permanent employee placement   
1% of first year's salary per month for 12 months

For example, if you hire someone for $80k annual salary, you would pay $800 / month for up to 12 months max.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any fees that clients have to pay when hiring contractors for contract work?
    No, in those cases, the contractor is charged a small commission on the amount you pay them.
  • Is there a refund period for the evaluation period for new hires?
    If at any point you terminate the candidate or they quit, you would stop paying the fee that month.
  • What happens if you let the employee go before 12 months?
    If you let them go or they decide to leave for any reason, you simply stop paying the monthly payments. It's purely month to month.

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