Our unsolicited message policy

As a general rule you should not be soliciting people through the site.  Creating job postings and applying to job postings is the primary way that you're meant to interact with other heroes on the site.

That said, there are definitely some valid use cases:

  • Contacting someone about a speaking engagement
  • Contacting someone about hiring them - sometimes that's a good quick alternative to getting a full on job posting up
  • Contacting someone about something they might be genuinely interested in.

The 3rd bullet can obviously quickly regress into spamland.  It's hard to define exactly what is spam and what isn't but, as they say, you know it when you see it.

The messaging system has some logic built into it so that if your reputation isn't very high yet, your messages will be manually reviewed before they are forwarded onto the recipient.  Some things that might indicate you're a spammer:

  • You don't have a very high reputation and are contacting people that don't know you, soliciting services
  • You send the same solicitation to multiple people at a time
  • You try to contact people who have job postings listed that are already filled

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