How can I leverage Commerce Hero to get as many leads as possible?

Here are some ways that you can leverage Commerce Hero as much as possible to get leads:

  • Complete your profile - this is an easy one - just do everything that the onboarding indicator shows you to do in your account
  • Post as many projects as you can and in as much detail as possible.  This can help you to get visibility in several ways:
    • Projects are great content for search engines - so you'll pull in web searchers looking for things relevant to your past experience
    • The more interesting work you've done, the more likely someone is to hire you when they're considering you
    • We also feature interesting projects on the Magetalk podcast weekly.
  • When posting projects, include relevant tags and images
  • Invite colleagues and clients to post endorsements to your profile
  • Follow @commercehero on Twitter - we usually announce things like new job listings there first before sending them out in our weekly newsletter email.
  • Services - post services to your profile
  • Special offers - these can be included within the services - if there are any special offers  you are willing to offer Commerce Hero customers, let us know.  If they are really interesting, we may also include them in an email blast to our customer base
  • Content - if you have any interesting content that you'd like to share, email us about it.  Whether that's a unique take that you have on something in the space, a niche that you serve really well, something new that you're doing, or anything that would be interesting content to our user base - get in touch.  We can potentially do a guest blog post or interview

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