How the hero matcher works

The hero matcher is a simple interface to bring together people that are interested in working together:

It works by looking at your preferences and pulling up users that you may be interested in working with - whether that's on a project basis, as a full time employee, or even potentially on an open source collaboration together.

Simply head over to once you are logged in, and it will pull up some heroes for you to check out.  If you are interested in working with them, click I'm Interested.  Otherwise, click Skip.

If there is a mutual match (i.e. both of you select that you're interested in working together), you will receive a notification and be able to message eachother to take it from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the people that I mark as interested or skip be notified of that or be able to see it?
No, only if there is a mutual match will either person be notified.  There isn't any way to see who voted on what other than that.

If I swipe left on someone, will they be excluded from my list forever?
At the moment, yes.  We may make some changes to that at some point soon though, feel free to send feedback around that.

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