Can we create an agency account to get leads?

The short answer is...sort of but not really. In earlier versions of Commerce Hero, there was a big focus on agency pages and referrals.

What we found was that our customer base is primarily looking for individuals - whether as freelancers or full time hires.

We do have some customers for whom agencies are a good fit, but they tend to be the minority and we already have a small number of agencies that have done great work in the past and tend to get those referrals.

You can feel free to sign up and create an account as an agency owner or business development rep, but your profile will have to reflect you individually - i.e. don't list certifications your team has, only those that you have.

We explored the idea of allowing agencies to link all the individuals on their team to their profile so that things like certifications could be accumulated against an agency profile, but that didn't get much traction.

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