Preparing for a Video Interview

When we do our video interviews, we use Youtube Live Events, which uses a Google Hangout. We keep it pretty informal and conversational but a few things to check beforehand.

Here's an example interview if you want to just get a feel for it:

Few tips:

  • Be in a quiet spot - ideally a separate room
  • If you have a room with a cool background, that makes it a little more interesting than a plain white wall.
  • You should probably do a quick test of your Google hangout setup just to make sure your camera and mic are all hooked up. You can just do any old Google hangout to test it out - it's the same functionality.
  • When you do the interview, it helps if you put the Google hangout window towards the top of the screen next to your camera, so that when you look at the Hangout, you are looking straight at the screen. Sometimes people have the Hangout lower on the screen, so they are looking downward in the video.
  • If you are planning to do a screen share to demo stuff, you should probably do it on a smaller laptop size screen, otherwise the screen will be hard to read in the video.

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