What if you refer a candidate to us that we already knew? Are we still charged?

There are some gray area situations that can arise, when it comes to recruiting candidates for full time work. For example, what if we refer someone to you that you already knew because you met them at a conference?

The way we handle that is as follows:

We carve out any candidates that you are actively in negotiations with for a job. So, technically, if you already know someone because you met them at a conference, and we refer them to you for the job, we would still attribute that to our fee.

The reason being that just because you know someone doesn't mean that you would have been able to recruit them on your own. If you could, then you would have already recruited them, right? You did know them after-all.

We spend a lot of time marketing to developers, figuring out the best way to communicate with them, identifying their preferences, finding matches for them, etc.

However, and this is important and differentiates us significantly from traditional recruiters - if we do have a disagreement, we will basically leave the decision up to you as to whether you feel the payment is justified.

Many recruiters pursue legal action very aggressively in these scenarios, and we've decided not to go that route. We probably wouldn't work with a client again if we felt that they unfairly chose not to pay us, but that's about all we would do about it.

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