Sync Active Collab Time Tracking to Commerce Hero

Here's how you can sync your Active Collab time tracking data to Commerce Hero using Webhooks.

1. Go into the job in Commerce Hero you are looking to sync up. Select Active Collab as the Time Tracking option and hit Save.

2. Then click Sync Active Collab.

3. Enter the Project ID of the project in Active Collab.

For example, if your project URL is, then the Project ID is 1.

4. Copy the Webhook URL. Go into your Active Collab account, and click into Add-ons, then select Webhooks

5. Click to add a new webhook. You can enter "Commerce Hero Job #X for the job ID" - the name doesn't really matter though. Copy the Webhook URL into the Target URL field

6. Click Add New Webhook, and you'll see the webhook in your list:

7. Test it out by creating your first time log entry or perhaps a test entry

8. Now you should see the Last Time Entry Sync'd field reflect that:

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