What does the vetting process look like for heroes and hiring companies?

This is something that is at the core of what we're looking to offer with Commerce Heroes.  There are a number of well known developer marketplaces out there where, simply put, you just can't trust the people that you find there.  

Our goal is to build a marketplace where hiring companies and hirees in the Magento niche can quickly and easily trust each other - and vetting on both sides of the marketplace is something that is key to achieving this goal.

Because we have deep familiarity with the Magento space, some of this comes a lot easier to us.  We already know from muscle memory which agencies are good and those that perhaps over promise and under deliver.

Initially a lot of the vetting we can basically "gut check".  Over time, systematizing this process as the marketplace scales will become increasingly important.

For Heroes

  • Check for certifications
  • Get heroes to list projects they've worked out so we can have a feel for their level of expertise around a given area.
  • Spot check all job applicants to see whether they seem like they are applicable.  
  • A feedback system so that positive feedback is rewarded and negative feedback is penalized.
  • Endorsements of other developers and clients

For Clients

  • Getting a credit card or bank account on file in order to vet that they're a serious buyer
  • Endorsements from developers and agencies that have worked with them
  • Vet their budgets and project requirements to ensure they do a good job of communicating their needs and have reasonable budgets.

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