Can you explain the pricing changes in January 2020?

There are a few pricing changes that were implemented in January 2020 - here's the overview:

Who pays fees for freelance work

If you use Commerce Hero to process payments, there isn't any change. The fee is deducted from the hero as it was before. The only difference is if the client pays the hero directly, we by default charge the client. The reason for this is because we were running into scenarios where the client and hero were agreeing to direct payment and there was confusion around who paid the fees, and it ultimately became a more significant burden on the hero.

Rates for freelance work

The rates are showing 13% now because we're baking in the payment processing (Stripe 3%) into the overall fee, whereas previously we listed the Commerce Hero fee of 10% separately. Seems like it's more clear overall to just bundle them together.

Term for full time work

We bumped the term for full time work from 12 months up to 15 months. We still feel that our rates are extremely competitive given that we charge far less than anyone in the industry, have very high caliber talent, and also charge on a monthly basis which is unique and minimizes cash flow impact to clients.

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