As a hero, what is the process of doing a paid estimation?

The goal of a paid estimation project is to get the client's requirements into a clean, vetted format in a way that will be quickly and easily digestible for a developer to complete with minimal friction.  Heroes will be paid for estimations, and they should take about an hour.

When doing a paid estimation, you'll usually be given requirements from the client in a format that needs to be cleaned up a little bit.  Here's an  example:

Some of these issues may not be reproducible, some may be open-ended, and others will be clear and reproducible.  You will create a spreadsheet using this  template, breaking down the issues, categorizing them, estimating them, grabbing screenshots where possible:

  • Unable to Reproduce - means you weren't able to reproduce the issue and therefore it's not included in the estimate
  • Confirmed - you were able to reproduce and estimate the issue
  • Open-Ended - an item that is an open-ended item for discussion - not included in the estimate.  It's something you can provide some quick notes on in the spreadsheet and can also discuss in the 15 minute debrief phone call afterwards but the work for that item isn't included in the estimate.

Once you're done, you'll send it to the client and schedule a quick 15 minute call to review with them.  At that point they may select you to do the work or it may go to another provider.  You'll be paid for your time either way.

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