How does the paid estimation work?

The paid estimation allows us to review the work that you need done and break it down into a format that will be quickly and easily digestible for a developer ultimately to complete.  

Most of the time when clients provide requirements, they fall into a few categories:

  • Clearly described tasks that are reproducible
  • High level discussion points (what's the best way to achieve X?)
  • Issues that aren't reproducible

When a Commerce Hero completes a paid estimation, you'll receive the following deliverables:

1. A task breakdown and estimate (template)

2. A 15 minute phone call to review it and go over high level discussion points


Wait, why should I pay for an estimation?

You may be wondering why you should pay for a project estimation.  A paid estimate is not always necessary but can be particularly helpful for smaller projects (under $5k).  The reality is that most developers worth their salt aren't interesting in spending their time to estimate a small job - estimation is hard.

Also, if you select a provider from Commerce Hero to complete the project for you, then the estimation cost will go towards your project cost - so essentially it's free.

Will the estimated hours be guaranteed?

Not strictly, no.  We stand behind the quality of providers that are on the site and if something is grossly off we will take the appropriate actions.  However, we believe that software estimation is difficult.  The best you can hope for us to have someone who knows what they're doing analyzing your issues and then working efficiently on fixing them.

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