How will you make sure that low quality developers don't overrun the site?

We all know of job boards that are overrun with low quality Magento developers.  These developers tempt clients with low rates but ultimately hurt the ecosystem by being a major factor in the high rate of Magento project failures that we are all painfully aware of.  

One of the major goals of this service is to keep the quality bar high.  We plan to do that by vetting all developers that register for the site.  We may get involved in things like code review and phone screening - we're still working out the details.

In many cases, it's not exactly that complicated to sniff out the low end developers.  I've had several people tell me that they interviewed Magento Certified Developers who didn't know even the most basic of Magento concepts once they started chatting with them.

We will continue to share details as we develop them as to what the vetting process is.  

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