How can Commerce Hero help with a search for a developer?

We can help you with a search for a developer in a few ways:

  • We will help you to craft your job listing - to make it as appealing as possible to the ideal candidate.
  • We will promote your job listing in a number of ways:
    • Tweeting it out
    • Sending targeted emails to our developers in our database based on their skill set, location, and other preferences
    • For larger jobs we'll do some manual match-making as well - thinking about who might be good for the job and reaching out to them.
    • We will sometimes also run ad campaigns for your job listing - including promoted tweets or LinkedIn ads.
  • We will also do targeted outreach to find developers that aren't currently in Commerce Hero but that might be interested in your job.  We do this mostly on LinkedIn and our outreach is all to people within our existing network - it's very low-key and not like recruiter spam that you're probably used to seeing.

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