Engagement Requirements for Heroes

The following are requirements for all engagements that you get through Commerce Hero:

Treat the client well.  First and foremost, treat the client fairly and don't do anything shady.  So many clients have dealt with a developer that has disappointed them one way or another - by being incompetent, unreliable, or worse - and our goal with Commerce Hero is to refer only reliable, trustworthy, and competent developers to clients.

People are human and people make mistakes - we understand that, and don't expect you to be perfect.  But if you blatantly screw a client over, there will be consequences.  Negative feedback will be posted to your profile which will impact your ability to get work in the future.

Track time daily.  Some people wait a week or two to track their time, and inevitably it isn't very accurate and is impossible to reconcile with the activity in the bug tracker and source control.  Tracking your time daily to an appropriate level of detail is important. We have a Zapier integration that works with most popular time tracking toolspulls data into Commerce Hero.

Be Reliable.  It's not uncommon for a developer - particularly if they are a freelancer - to drop off the map on a client.  This is what we're trying to solve with Commerce Hero so that clients can expect to be referred to a reliable developer.  Outside of a personal emergency, you should always be available during the time that you've committed to.

Bailing on a client without notice is the kind of thing that we will record as negative feedback on your profile publicly.

Invoice Weekly.  While different clients may have different payment methods, there's no reason you shouldn't invoice weekly.  It means that clients get earlier feedback on what their expenses are, and you get paid sooner.  Some developers invoice on a monthly basis but we strongly encourage invoicing more frequently than that.

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